Re: Fires - Fires - Sand Fires... My sincerest apologies

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Posted by NoKarma4U on July 18, 2002 at 11:38:39:

In Reply to: Re: Fires - Fires - Sand Fires... posted by chuck - a - walla on July 17, 2002 at 21:39:00:

I must apologize to all regulars and visitors to this fine discussion forum. I have absolutely no idea how a passing, tongue-in-cheek diatribe on the ficticious beneficial impacts of "Permian Cheese" on the settling of the west have degraded into such a sordid discussion of personal hygiene or the lack thereof.

Why "Permian Cheese?" One of the followup replies to this thread was correct -- "Permian" referrs to a geologic period of the late Paleozoic era. When I first began studying Geology (the infamous Geology 101) the first thing we were required to do was to memorize the various eons, eras, peiods, and epochs of the geologic timescale. Part of the sequence of periods in the paleozoic era goes "...devonian (when fish arose), carboniferous, permian..." and so I employed a pnemonic device to memorize this portion of the sequence: fish (devonian) covered in spaghetti (carbs) topped with parmesan cheese (permian). Must have worked, cause 18 years later I still wouldn't miss it on Jeopardy ;-)

To keep things more DV-related: I want to thank Emmett Harder (as so many of us have) as I just received his book in the mail yesterday. I started reading it as soon as I got it out of the shipping material -- it's already shaping up to be a gem.

Huntignton Beach, California

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