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Posted by Paul on August 08, 2002 at 02:09:52:

In Reply to: Re: Road condition of Middle Park Canyon posted by Henry on August 07, 2002 at 11:37:53:

Tried South Park early today. Got about, what I would consider, about 4 miles up the canyon before breaking the clutch cable on my motorcycle. Maybe someone can tell me just how far I was from the road condition would be getting better? I was about a 1/2 mile pass the section where you are almost to the top, then you drop down into the narrow part of the canyon, where you an immediately start back up, then you hit a section where you can see that the road is completly washed out. You can see where it once was about 8-12 feet higher than the present road has been forged. Followed by immediate bead rock, then the road makes a left hand turn and appears to just about at the crest of the the top? Not sure because I returned at that point because of the clutch cable. Just how far was I from the bridge? Also, I think it was at this Board that someone posted sometime back that they are going to attempt this road in a 2x2 pickup or maybe it was this girls friend fathers SUV ? Either way I don't think they really have a clue what this road is like ! Or they don't have a lick of sense ! There seems to be spots where I know in my full size pickup would definitely have to pull up and access, maybe even have a spotter to help out! Like others say about this route, 'it should not be done in a single vehicle'! I had a friend wait at the bottom of the canyon in my pickup while I scouted out the road. But still the thought of breaking down that far up was not a pleasant thought, even though I was carrying a gallon of water and a quart of Gatoraid. I would like to get back up that way as soon as passable and possible, before the hillside pass the bridge gives way and makes it impassable! Next time I will see if I can find another truck or bike that can tag along in case of break down or injury. Oh yes I also consumed almost 3/4 of that gallon of water just the little time I was in the canyon! Sorry for the long post.

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