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Posted by Julie on August 09, 2002 at 23:11:48:

My day at the Furnace Creek Golf Course

just needed a break and decided to take a look even though I didn't think there would be anything. BUT...

I saw the funniest thing. There was a reddish PHALAROPE doing its circles. But, it was going faster than I have ever seen one. "Why?", you might ask.

Because he was spinning for two. There was a DOWITCHER right up next to him eating his heart out. That poor Phalarope spinning like crazy and the Dowitcher eating his bugs.

I don't know which kind of PHALAROPE or DOWITCHER those were because I don't have a scope and I can just barely see the far side of the "Lakes". BUT I could see a lot of reddish blur on the PHALAROPE even from the sidewalk.

There was a flock of 30-40 DOWITCHERS with some other species among them on the far east side as well. I could not make out the ones that seemed to be roosting, may have been just small ducklings, but something(s) seemed to be darker and lighter than the dowitchers. The light was giving me a glare headache and they were NOT moving around to get an outline ID.

1 WHITE FACED IBIS flew south over the ponds through the Gold Course.

I think there were some SHOVELER females. At least the bills seemed big enough.

I think some RUDDY ducks as well as several other sp. of brown ducks.

There were about 6 AVOCETS. Most still had a little color but the one on the east pond was almost completely grey as I thought he was a willets at first.

I Red winged BlackBird.

One RED TAILED HAWK flew over the meadows south of the eastern pond.

The White headed Goose is still on the eastern pond as well.


There were fish jumping so high they could have a fish basketball league.

There were 6-8 DC CORMORANTS partaking of the athletes.

There was 1 SNOWY EGRET on the island with some of the CORMORANTS.

There was 1 SNOWY EGRET and 1 (I think) COMMON EGRET on the ponds in the Golf Course. The COMMON EGRET was pretty far but I think he was.

There were 3 AMERICAN PELICANS on the RLGC ponds as well.

I startled out a flock of 30+ STARLINGS from someone's back yard.

I am not good at SWALLOW SP. yet but I think I saw a couple of ROUGH WINGED in with the BARN SWALLOWS.

Also, on my way back I think I may have seen 5-6 SWIFTS. I will have to check my book when I get home. Anyway, they had the whitest chests, pointed wings but not very gliding flight patterns. They were also a lightish tan/brown on the backs. I think that fits but I will have to check.

ROCK DOVE (6+) on the sand bars drinking.

KILLDEER on the sand bars as well.

A REDTAILED HAWK flew over but was chased away by something that looked kind of WESTERN KINGBIRDish.

A golfer of unknown but questionable species chased about 5 of the umphteen dozen CANADIAN GEESE off of the RLGC by racing his golf cart after them. Boys will be boys.


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