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Posted by PAUL on September 17, 2002 at 14:38:04:

In Reply to: You don't like me, do you? posted by Bodie the Dog on September 16, 2002 at 18:17:03:

I have been hanging around these parts (and the other web page which will not be named) since El Nino.

I used to finish my posts, "I love a good argument." Right David Wright and Leroy?

In regards to this board, I have always expressed my opinion when a user wrote something foolish and self-centered. For example, I have insisted that no one divulge specific road directions to DV's special treasures.

Bodie, you never struck me as a person afraid to use a little profanity. My, my, you are a delicate flower.

If you got a dictionary, check the 2nd definition of FEINT: "A pretense or stratagem."

Guess again, I am not a police wannabe. I have no involvement in law enforcement. Yet, I have old friends who are peace officers. I am still friends with their ex-wives and children. I respect the fact that cops work with scumbags, lowlifes, abusers, and anti-social types. I do not make sweeping generalizations about their characters. I am sympathic to their challenge.

Sorry Bodie, you were the fella that posted something stupid. I am not going to list my email so that I can be spammed. My finger already gets cramps from pushing the delete icon. Besides, carrying on a debate in a written public forum is a honored tradition in my part of the country. Ask Birdman about the Anderson Valley Advertiser in which he is regularly published.

I don't understand your reference to Rod King. In addition to you being a thoughtless hypocrite, are you a racist too?

I suppose that you are an okay man. And, if we met for a drink or two, we would probably get along, because we share a mutual love for Death Valley. Ya know if you just expressed a little remorse about the "pesky sign" comment, I'd most likely get off your back.

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