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Posted by PAUL on September 23, 2002 at 14:54:06:

In Reply to: To Paul, the Fire Hydrant posted by Bodie the Dog on September 20, 2002 at 13:37:17:

Some of us are not natural techophiles such as yourself, Bodie. Your're quite the geek based on the frequency of your posts and the speed that you consistently respond. It must be nice to have so much time on your hands to surf the world wide web rather than dedication to earning a livelihood.

I would have given you a pass on your lame and insincere apology for your "pesky sign" comment. It appears that you got impatient waiting for my response, and then followed up with you "fire hydrant" post. This speaks volumes to your level of immaturity.

You again mention that you like an argument. Well, I think that you should study up on your rhetoric (oh, you may have to look that word up in the Websters).

Your comment about not wanting to drive people away from this message board is as insipid and shallow as your intellect. In your 09/20/02 post, you claim that "you knew a guy" that smokes opium residue from bottles left by Chinese miners. You're now encouraging illegal drug use and destruction of archeological artifacts in DVNP. This is as wacky as the Charlie Manson admirers who lurk around this site.

Look, the fundemental issue is whether this message board should be used by morons to promote violations of Park Rules.

It's counterproductive and will only lead to more regulation and enforcement. Bodie, your behavior, and other idiots like you, simply gives the government cause of action to further restrict the freedoms and liberties enjoyed by the entire population.

Rod King is wrong. There are somethings worth fighting over, and this is where I take my stand.

Bodie, I don't read any other users agreeing with your attitude encouraging driving in restricted areas and breaking Park Rules. In fact, you should be cautious because Bob, the Daves, Jerry and Jim may shoot your ass if they catch you doing donuts on the playa.


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