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Posted by dove menkes on October 12, 2002 at 23:16:40:

In Reply to: Where is "Death Valley Canyon"? posted by JKB on June 24, 2002 at 14:51:22:

I hiked Death Valley Canyon one day with a friend, a few years ago. We entered, I recall, from the trail up to Wildrose. The first part down was very steep. There was a vigorous stream once one was down most ways. The brush was the most impenetrable I've seen. Impossible to get through. There were side routes, made by the usual highway engineers, burros. There were a few steep places,where burros made bypasses.
In the canyon, were remains of some mining efforts; I would guess 20th century.
I would appreciate the source of the "hand-written" map. I would like to get a copy.
As for the first steep part, it woul;d have been tough for horses or mules, but Wheeler was a nut! (I don't recall if they had animals on that trip.)

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