Bicycle Race Through Panamint

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Posted by David A. Wright on October 13, 2002 at 01:16:10:

Leaving my job in Trona for the weekend at my home in Owens Valley this evening, I started passing bicycles and chase vans, each with flashing lights.

It was a large race and I was passing numerous vans and cyclists all through Panamint Valley. I noted many out of state plates, including Virginia.

I stopped at Panamint Valley Road and CA190 to inquire of the race details. A man, who introduced himself as Chris Kostman, president of Adventure Corps, gave me details.

The race started at Magic Mountain. Dumb dumb me forgot to ask when it started, but I suspect yesterday. The race runs 24-hours, so I suspect each van has a team of riders who trade off.

The race will continue through Death Valley, to Death Valley Jct., Shoshone, Baker, Amboy and will end at Twenty Nine Palms at a motel at the eastern end of town.

Mr. Kostman also organizes the Badwater-Mt. Whitney race and another in the Mono Lake area.

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