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Posted by lara on October 17, 2002 at 21:25:27:

I thought I posted this last night but my brain has been a bit fuzzy lately so I don't remember...or if it was removed, would someone let me know why?

Hi all!

With the generous help of who paid for the phone installation at the "Home" and the loan of a PowerBook from my previous paper I am able to get back on line! Thank you Joel!!!

I have missed my online comunity SO very much - more than I ever would have thought. No friends to communicate with, no words descrbing my beautiful desert and and just no joyous presence you all bring to my life. The cards and flowers and teddy bears from people I have never met have touched me deeply. Thanks to all.

You all should see my zoo! At first it was just a couple of bears, then more bears and then a coyote and now a donkey and Halloween Cat have been added to the zoo. I am having such fun looking at them late at night. I am coming to the conclusion one can not have enough teddy bears!

Many thanks to everyone that sent flowers, cards, stuffed animals, a lovely picture of I think the geologists cabin in Death Valley. I know if I start trying to remember names to write, in this drug-impaired brain I will leave someone out, so can I send a great big thank you and a super hug!!!????????

Also, the wildly coloured HUGE butterfly balloon that is up on my ceiling is very interesting after I have had my heavy narcotic medicationl. Thank heavens I am weaning myself off that no matter how pretty the pictures in my head!

The donkey is very soft so I sleep with him tucked up under my cheek. I have regressed to being 5 years old.

The accident was mostly my fault, I pulled out in front of a pickup truck ( NOT A SEMI! although it felt like it) that was speeding and I misjudged his speed and whump.

I sent someone for my friend Debbie who is the curator for the RT 66 museum I had been visiting. She came and put her head down next to mine and I told her "this could be it." Funny how calm I felt at the thought of an emminent demise..rather like "whatever"

Little did I know how close I was in several different ways of shuffling off this mortal coil. The emergency folks and the doctors at the trauma center did a fabulous job. First just saving my life and then when they figured I was stable a week later they did the recontructive surgery on my shattered pelvis and hip. The X-rays are fascinating! Sorry if this is more than some of you want to know. But everyone always seems to be so curious as to what happened.

I will not be able to walk for a few months and hopefully the bone will grow quickly on the hip for it to regain it's strength. I am thinking I may have to give up my vegetarian ways and eat red meat because I need the protein.

Well this is long enough. Bests to all and thank you so much for your love and prayers.

(If you read this same post in other sites I apologize, but I am too tired to write different versoins! :-)

Love, Lara

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