My Apolgies here.....

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Posted by Cecile on October 22, 2002 at 16:36:56:

Sorry for all of the posts - my fingers slipped and that's what happened. Maybe the webmaster can get rid of a few of those for me!

As I was saying before the "OOPs!" Since it came up on another post with David. Wright, and a few of you have been asking - here's the link again to my new website. I hadn't intended to call that much attention to it yet (especially 4 posts - I'm embarrassed about that one!). I was waiting till I had Death Valley pictures on it.

For Denver, who wants to set up an album - e-mail me. If I can figure out how to do a website, anybody else should be able to do something similar. Had less trouble doing that than I did trying to post this message on this board right now. Oh well, I'm a blonde, I admit it! Dumb blonde moment!

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