PSR Tent

Length: 0.5 miles to edge, 5 miles across. 
Starting Point: Badwater parking area, 17 miles south of Hwy 190 on the Badwater Road.

Description: Level walk across lowest place in the Western Hemisphere, -282 feet elevation. Crust of salt crystals may be covered with temporary lake after rain storms. Watch out for muddy areas. No Trail CAUTION: Do Not hike this area during hot months!


Length: 1.8 mile, one-way. 
Starting Point: Hell's Gate parking area, 22 miles NE of Furnace Creek. 

Description: Short but strenuous scramble to the two prominent hills at the foot of the Grapevine Mountains. From Hell's Gate, walk SW 0.5 mile toward the buttes. Scramble south up the ridge to the first of the buttes. You made it! Now you can decide whether you want to attempt #2. It's more difficult. If so, descend carefully down the ridge 300 ft., then climb the narrow ridge to butte #2. Extreme care should be used when climbing the buttes. Ridges are narrow and exposed with steep drop-offs. Windy days make this effect quite dramatic. The views are among the best in Death Valley. No Trail.

Length: 0.5 miles to first summit, 4 miles one-way to Mt. Perry.
Starting Point: Dantes View parking area

Description: Follow the ridge north of Dantes View for spectacular vistas and a cool place to escape summer heat. No Trail for last 3.5 miles.

Length: 1 mile, one-way. 
Starting Point: End of left fork Desolation Canyon Road, (not marked, look closely for it) 3.7 miles south of Hwy. 190 on Badwater road. 

Description: Narrow canyon through colorful badlands. From road's end, drop into main wash heading south. Hike up canyon, keeping to right at the forks.