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Death Valley Conferences on History and Prehistory

The purpose of the conferences is to provide a forum for the presentation and discussion of original research on the history and prehistory of Death Valley and its surrounding region,  and to disseminate that research through published papers.

Volume Titles to date are:
Proceedings: First Death Valley Conference on History and Prehistory. 1987. Jean Johnson ed., (out of print as of 2006). 1st ed. Death Valley, CA: Death Valley Natural History Association.

Proceedings: Second Death Valley Conference on History and Prehistory. 1988. Jean  Johnson ed., (out of print as of 2006). 1st ed. Death Valley, CA: Death Valley Natural History Association.

Proceedings: Third Death Valley Conference on History and Prehistory. 1991. James
Pisarowicz ed., (out of print as of 2006). 1st ed. Death Valley, CA: Death Valley Natural History Association.

Proceedings: Fourth Death Valley Conference on History and Prehistory. 1995. Jean Johnson ed., Bishop, CA: Community Printing and Publishing.  

Proceedings: Fifth Death Valley Conference on History and Prehistory. 1999. Jean Johnson ed., Bishop, CA: Community Printing and Publishing.

Death Valley History Revealed: Proceedings: Sixth Death Valley Conference on History and Prehistory. 2002. Jean Johnson ed., Bishop, CA: Community Printing and Publishing.

Nuggets and Snippets of Death Valley History: Proceedings: Seventh Death Valley Conference on History and Prehistory. 2005. Jean Johnson ed., Bishop, CA: Community Printing and Publishing.

Proceedings: Eighth Death Valley Conference on History and Prehistory. 2008. Ken Lengner ed., Death Valley, CA: Death Valley ’49ers Inc.
Copies of Vol. 4-7 are available from Community Press at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., (760) 873-3049, 187 W Line St., Bishop CA 93514. Copies of Vol. 4-8 are available from Death Valley Natural History Association (DVNHA) at 1-800-478-8564 ext 10.
General categories: M=Mining, P=people or person, R=railroads, 49rs=DV 1849ers,  EH= other early history , NH=natural history, I=Indians, NPS=DV National Park, O=other
*=“Snippets,” very short papers.
(Titles beginning with “A” or “The” are listed by the next word.)

                                        Title                                                                                  Author                                 vol.   category

Industrial Archaeology Of Keane Wonder’s Historic Mining Landscape Archimede, Gianfranco 6th M
Silver Mills And Mining Scams In Death Valley Country: An Archaeological Perspective From Reilly Barnes, James 6th M
Water, Water Everywhere Bemis, Lorry 2nd NH
Dangers Of The Land Bentel, Dwight 3rd P
When Field Studies In Natural History Goes To Death Valley Bentel, Dwight 3rd P
Published On The Brink Of Hell: Newspapers And Newspapermen Of The Death Valley Area Brigandi, Phil 4th M
Startling The Uninitiated: The Death Valley Chuck-Walla And Its Editors Brigandi, Phil 2nd M
Padre Of Death Valley: Father John J. Crowley, 1891-1940 Brooks, Joan 5th  
Death Valley Rambler, The Brooks, Joan and Judy Palmer 7th P
An Unraveling Mystery: The Chinaman Of China Ranch Brown, Brian 6th P
China Ranch: Its Place In History Brown, Brian 2nd EH
Long Man: “Dad” Fairbanks Brown, Brian 3rd P
Albert Johnson’s Pursuit Of A Death Valley Dominion Buchel, Susan J. 1st P
Camp, Community, And Village: Three Farewells To Manzanar Burton, Jeff 4th NPS
Borax Baby Gauge Railroad, The Chappell, Gordon 6th R
Carson & Colorado Railroad And Proposed Death Valley Extension Chappell, Gordon 7th R
First Ryan: A Borate Mining Camp Of The Amargosa Chappell, Gordon 4th M
Mining Camp Of Borate And The Borate & Daggett Railroad 1890-1907, The Chappell, Gordon 5th M
To Death Valley By Rail: A Brief History Of The Death Valley Railroad Chappell, Gordon 3rd R
Hauling Potash: Ultimate Fate of DV RailRoad Chappell, Gordon S. 8th R
Wreck at English’s Switch* Chappell, Gordon S. 8th R
Looking for Color: a Prospector’s Life in DV Clapp, Nicholas 8th  
Ethnic History Of Death Valley Coughlin, Kari 5th P
Newspaper Accounts Of Death And Daring* Coughlin, Kari 7th M
Ralph P. Merritt: Knight Errant In The 21st Century Coughlin, Kari 7th P
Rhyolite: State Of The Ruins Address Coughlin, Kari 4th M
Where Is The Confidence Mine? Crowe, Richard 2nd M
Sourdough Pancakes And Fried Burro Liver: The Myers Of Goler Wash And Carl Mengel Of Butte Valley Crowe, Richard D. 4th P
Search For The Bullfrog Wild Pea, The DeDecker, Mary 1st NH
Morality Playing In A National Monument Dwyer, Richard 1st O
Pioneer Boom: Paradigm For Death Valley’s Twentieth-Century Mining Camps Earl, Phillip 7th M
C.C. Julian And The Great Leadfield Swindle: Death Valley’s Last Mining Rush Earl, Phillip I. 6th P
Occupied Goldfield, Dec 1907-April 1908 Earl, Phillip I. 8th  
Bullfrog County: Another Desert Dream Earl, Phillip L 1st M
Pat Reddy: Defender Of The Downtrodden Earl, Phillip L. 4th P
Borax: More than Death Valley Fairchild, James 8th M
Death Valley Memories: What I Learned About Oral Histories For Making Films Faye, Ted 4th P
Of Myths And Men: Separating Fact From Fiction In The Twenty-Mule Team Story Faye, Ted 5th M
Diamond Tooth Lil: The Secret Of Her Success Flinchum, Robin 7th P
Miss Bess Davis In Death Valley Junction: Having The Time Of Her Life Flinchum, Robin 6th P
Weather In Death Valley, March 7–14, 1861, The Follansbee, Lewis A. 1st EH
Solid Gold: The Porter Mine Harder, Emmett 7th M
Death Valley Stage Coach Lines: 1872-1910 Harding, Shirley 6th EH
Matt Ryan, Dynamic Ranger Of Emigrant Station Harding, Shirley 5th  
Bonanza Days At Resting Spring Hensher, Alan 2nd EH
Peek Behind The Lace Curtains: The Social Lives Of Death Valleys Boom Towns, A Hensher, Alan 1st O
Oral History Of George Ishmael: Pioneer Of Death Valley And The Amargosa Holloway, Winona J. 4th P
Original Walker Pass, The Horst, Bill 4th M
Richard Harper Stretch: Great Basin Portion Of His Autobiography Hoshide, Robert 5th  
Mississippi Boys: 1849-50, The Hoshide, Robert Kenn 4th 49rs
Legislative History Of The Future Of California Desert Johnson, Frederic 2nd M
Origin Of Death Valley’s Lost Wagon Train?* Johnson, Jean 7th 49rs
J.R.N. Owen: Frontier Doctor And Reconnaissance Leader Johnson, Jean & LeRoy with Robert Kenn Hoshide 2nd P
Cartographical Confusion –Or– The Case Of The Leaping Landmarks Johnson, Jean and LeRoy 1st NH
New Manly Map, A Johnson, Jean and LeRoy 3rd 49rs
Bullfrog Mines: History Conference Tour, The Johnson, Jean, Editor 4th M
Bennett’s Trail: Jefferson Hunt Monument, Utah To Bennett Pass, Nevada Johnson, LeRoy 7th 49rs
Hard Bread* Johnson, LeRoy 7th 49rs
Reverend Brier’s Mountain Of Iron* Johnson, LeRoy 7th 49rs
Trunk Is Bunk: The Latest, Notorious Death Valley Artifacts, The Johnson, Leroy 5th 49rs
Bennett-Arcan Long Camp And Manly’s Sulphur Water Well, The Johnson, LeRoy and Jean 1st 49rs
Discovery Of The 1861 Boundary Reconnaissance Map And Field Notebooks Johnson, LeRoy and Jean 2nd EH
Where Is Providence Spring? Johnson, LeRoy and Jean 4th 49rs
Where Is Van Dorn's “Hitchins’ Spring”? Johnson, LeRoy and Jean 3rd EH
Prehistoric Acquisition And Use Of Obsidian In Death Valley National Park (Abstract only) Johnson, Lynn 6th I
My Golden Memories: The Journigan Mill Journigan, Russ 6th M
My Panamint Acquaintances In The 1930s And 1940s Journigan, Russ 6th P
Tucki Gold Mine In The Panamints, The Journigan, Russ 6th M
Single Photograph Of The Highest And Lowest Points In The 48 States* Lally, Eugene 7th NH
Remembering The Early Shoshone And Tecopa Area Lengner, Ken and George Ross 7th M&P
1834 Rocks* Lengner, Ken et al 8th NH
Mystery of Death Valley’s Mesozoic Era Lengner, Kenneth 8th NH
Death Valley Region in 1926 Lengner, Kenneth E. 8th M
An Introduction To Death Valleys Hidden Legacy Marcom, Geron 4th I
Good Samaritans of Death Valley Marnell, John & Barbara 8th  
Death Valley Scotty: The Wild West Years 1889–1902 McKnight, R. Patrick 1st P
Life And Times Of W.D. Clair And His Mines In The Panamints Mitchell, Roger 6th M
How Des the Charcoal Stack Up? Mitchell, Roger 8th EH/M
John S. Cook: Mysterious Banker Of The Death Valley Region Moody, Eric 6th P
Chemistry Of Harmony Borax Works, The Morgan, Vincent 2nd M
Rise And Fall Of The Saline Valley Indian Ranch Moyer, Wendell W. 5th I
Nadeau’s Freighting Teams In The Mojave Nadeau, Remi 5th M
Death Valley ’49ers: The Road To Salt Lake Nelson, Genne 6th 49rs
Personal Side Of The Jayhawkers: Vignettes From The Jayhawker Collection, The Huntington Library Nelson, Genne 5th 49rs
Interview With Juliet Brier – 1860 Nelson,Genne 7th 49rs
Death Valley’s Unlikely Prospectors: Builders Of A College And A Castle Newell, L. Jackson, Keynote Speaker 5th  
When the ’49ers were in Death Valley Olesen, G. B. 8th 49rs
The Moon Gave Us So Much Light: Astronomical Dating Olson, Donald & Russell Doescher 8th 49rs
Brief History Of Panamint’s Boom Period, A Palazzo, Robert P. 7th M
Darwin's Boom Period 1874–1878 Palazzo, Robert P. 3rd M
Death Valley Roots Of Tombstone’s Lawmen Palazzo, Robert P. 5th P
New Coso And Adjacent Mining Districts Of The Death Valley Region Palazzo, Robert P. 6th M
Operations Of Wells’ Fargo & Co.’s Express In Death Valley During The 19th Century Palazzo, Robert P. 4th M
Relationship Between Darwin, California And Death Valley, The Palazzo, Robert P. 3rd M
Study Of Violence In The Nineteenth Century In The Death Valley Region, A Palazzo, Robert P. 5th  
She Mines Talc In Death Valley Palmer, Judy 7th P
Story of a Sign* Palmer, Judy 8th EH
Wedding of the Waters Price, John N. 8th  
Rock Alignments Of Death Valley Rondthaler, Jane 6th I
Story of a Southern Paiute Family Ross, George & Judy Palmer 8th  
Tales of Bygone Days Ross, George & Kenneth Lengner 8th  
Field Trip: Dublin Caves And Shoshone And Cemetery Ross, George, Susan Sorrells, and Friends of Shoshone Museum 7th P
Death Valley Burros Rothfuss, Edwin L. 3rd NH
Death Valley Entrance Stickers Rothfuss, Edwin L. 7th NPS
Making Of A National Park, The Rothfuss, Edwin L. 4th NPS
1866 Blasdel Expedition Into Death Valley, The Schafer, Leo and Blair Davenport 7th EH
Wage Labor: Survival For The Death Valley Timbisha Sennett, Beth 3rd I
Symbolism And Mythology Of Death Valley’s Twenty Mule Team Wagon Set Simpson, Glenn & Emily Donald 6th M
Manly Family History Sleath, Doris H. 3rd 49rs
Dublin Gulch Sorrells, Susan 7th P
How Do You Spell Bonnie Clare? And Why Do You Spell It That Way? Southworth, John 4th R
The Bennett-Arcane Escape Trail Through The Panamint And Slate Ranges, The Southworth, John 3rd 49rs
Deke And Celesta Lowe: 20th Century Desert Legends Sprau, David 7th P
Accidents on the T&T RR* Sprau, David 8th R
Day In The Life Of The Tonopah & Tidewater Railroad Sprau, David T. 5th R
George Cook Pipkin: Death Valley’s Indigenous Historian Sprau, David T. 6th P
Life Of Jefferson Hunt, The Stanger, George 2nd P
General Mining Law Of 1872 Vs Historic Preservation Stetz, Debie 3rd M
Jefferson Hunt And The Arduous Road Sutak, Tom & Leo Lyman 6th P
Louis D. Gordon: Man Behind Cerro Gordo’s Zinc Era Vargo, Cecile Page 8th  
Badwater Nessie* Vargo, Cecile Page 8th  
Reilly: The Well Preserved Ruins Of An 1880s Mining Camp Vredenburgh, Larry M. 1st M
Changing Times: Panamint Shoshone Response To White Development Walker, Beth Sennett- 1st I
Across the Endless Skies, Story of Stan Jones Ward, Michael K. 8th  
100th Anniversary of Hanging of “Hootch” Simpson* Ward, Michael K. 8th  
Furnace Creek Epitaph Ward, Mike 3rd P
Natives Viewpoint, A Ward, Mike 1st P
Death Valley: Strange Characters, Weird Occurrences Weisser, John 8th  
Death Valley Enigmas—Walter Scott Weisser, John 8th  
Bay Area World Of Borax Smith, The Woo, Cynthia 3rd P
Teel’s Marsh: Birthplace Of A Legend Woo, Cynthia 4th M
Story Of "Uncle Jeff” Mayfield, The Wood, Raymund F. 3rd P
Levi Noble: Pioneer Geologist Of The Death Valley Region Wright, Lauren A. & Bennie W. Troxel 3rd P
Argentos The Horse Thief: A Death Valley Murder Mystery Zanjani, Sally 6th P
Images From The Last Boomtown: Per Edward Larson's Gold Field Photography Zanjani, Sally 4th P
Jack Longstreet In The Death Valley Region Zanjani, Sally 1st P
Love And Death In A Desert Boom Town Zanjani, Sally 7th O
Women Prospectors In Death Valley: Profiles In Courage Zanjani, Sally 5th

Compilation ©2010 by Jean Johnson; used by permission.