PSR Camp

Have You Driven These DV Roads? would like to help Inyo County by finding readers who traveled three long-time Death Valley area roads at least twenty-one years ago: Petro Road (also known as Greenwater Road), Lost Section Road and Last Chance Road.

Inyo County is seeking to re-establish its lawful access to these County roads.  They may have to prove that these roads were used by the public prior to October 21, 1976.  If you traveled over any of these roads before that date, please take a moment to to help.

Here's how you can help.  If you traveled any of these roads prior to October 21, 1976, please take a moment to write a brief description of your trip.  Include when, how and why you traveled over the road, and the condition of the road.

Trip descriptions may be emailed to us or mailed to:
Office of County Counsel
P.O. Box M
Independence, CA  93526

Important Note:  For your privacy, please do not include your phone number, email address or physical address in the body of your trip description.  You need only submit your name and your trip description.  Do not submit a description if you object to having your name and trip description released to the public or displayed on the internet. Any submission you make may be a public record and Inyo County may be required to release it on request.  Inyo County will not collect or save return email addresses or other personal data that accompany a trip description.  If Inyo County needs to contact any person submitting a trip description they will make an announcement on their website and request named individuals to contact the County.