PSR Dine

Broadwell Lake Solar Plans Dropped

I join California Senator Dianne Feinstein in applauding BrightSource Energy's decision to scrap plans to build a massive, 5,130-acre, 500-megawatt solar energy power production plan at Broadwell Lake. The Senator is considering introducing legislation that would include the area within a new national monument and preclude alternate energy and other development.

Broadwell Lake is a regular destination for many of's readers. This unique recreational treasure is a high-point destination along the 85 mile long Tonopah and Tidewater Railroad birm, the last north-south, multiday, expedition-quality, motorized backcountry route in the California desert.

Numerous recreation enthusiasts frequent the Broadwell Lake to enjoy a number of backcountry activities, such as gem & mineral collecting, hunting, OHV and 4x4 touring, history seeking, wildlife watching, equestrian riding and more.

I also agree with Senator Feinstein when she said "there is enough in the California desert for both" conservation and renewable energy.  However, while Broadwell Lake may have been one of BrightSource's most economically profitable sites, it is also one of the least appropriate.