WARNING! - tire spikes in Saline Valley

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Posted by The Croquet Brothers on October 27, 2003 at 15:42:35:

We just spent a great long weekend in Saline. Every year in late October or early November six or seven of us hold the annual Erving R. Levine Cross Country Guerrilla Croquet Invitational at the Upper Springs. We always have a great time, and this year was no exception, BUT:

After three different groups or inviduals described a relatively easy detour around the North Pass washout, we decided to check it out. It would have cut hours off our trip home. Near the road closed sign, less than a quarter mile south of the washout, we picked up a set of tracks which were definitely not new and which had obviously been driven on recently. The detour seemed to head east and then north around the road closure - we were told it was about three miles of fairly easy driving with high clearance and 4x4 recommended but not necessary.

200 yards off the Saline Valley Road we drove over two sets of homemade tire spikes. These were three foot lengths of 1x4 inch boards with 20+ three inch nails driven through them. The boards were buried, nails up, perpendicular to the tire tracks. This was an intentional trap, which was well camoflauged and even marked with a small trail duck so that the vandal(s) could easily find his/her handiwork.

Regardless of whether we should or shouldn't have been looking for a shortcut, this was a sick and senseless act of vandalism which could have had severe consequences. (Note to Vandal: Whatever point you were hoping to make is completely lost; now you're just the sick freak who spikes tires in Saline.)

Between two trucks, we developed seven flats within the hour. Using the spare and two cans of "fix-a-flat", we limped one truck out to Bishop, hauling two flats from the other truck with us. After a six hour round trip, we returned with patched tires, more "fix-a-flat", tire repair kits, and a compressor. We have several theories about the culprits and their reasons, but will spare you.

The long and short of it is... tire spiking and booby trapping roads in the middle of the desert - miles from services - is sick and wrong. (Second Note to Vandal: If you did this, seek counseling, because you are a sick, unstable little weasel with the self image of dirt. When you've bounced back from your mental health problems, take a class in persuasive writing or public speaking, and make your point like an adult. OK?)

BEWARE OF TIRE SPIKES! (and thanks for letting us vent)
The Croquet Brothers

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