"Keystone Mine"

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Posted by greenhorn on July 11, 2004 at 21:28:24:

There is a mine between the Newman Mine and Barker Ranch (closer to newman Mine) in upper Goler Wash that I believe was/is called the Keystone Mine. You can't miss it when driving through upper Goler wash. It has a cinder block cabin, workings very close to the road, and abandoned equipment (loaders, dumptrucks, bouldozers etc.) on both sides of the main road.

I visited this mine in March '04, and it's workings appear very recent. The various front-end loaders, cars, trailers, and dumptrucks in the area look as if the were abandoned there just a few years ago.

Does anybody know any history on this site? Was it indeed called the Keystone Mine? (I found the name marked on an old 'fridge in the cabin). What was mined at this site, and when was it abandoned? Any info would be appreciated. Planning another trip through Goler in October, would like to visit the site again with more knowledge of what I am looking at.


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