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New BLM Rig for Panamint Patrols

The next time you are out exploring the Panamint Valley area you might cross paths with a nice, new, white Jeep.  Inside is likely to be Bureau of Land Management's Law Enforcement Ranger for the Panamint Valley area.

New BLM Jeep Wranger Rubicon

I spotted this new rig in the parking lot of the Ridgecrest Field Office, and although it was already muddy and pinstriped, it still had not received its decals and light bar. This new 4 door Jeep Wrangler Rubicon Unlimited has several advantages for back country patroling compared to other vehicles in the fleet.  First, the longer Unlimited model provides more room than the much shorter two-door model for bulky law enforcement equipment and supplies.  With four doors, there is even has room for a passenger, if necessary.

The stout Rubicon package provides significant improvements in clearance and traction over the BLM's two-door Wranglers and Liberties.  As a Jeep, the vehicle is far more nimble and maneuverable than the Ford Expeditions and Dodge Ram pickups previously utilized in the back country.  Hopefully the smaller size can help stretch the fuel budget a little further than before.

All in all, the Jeep Wranger Unlimited Rubicon is ready to deep into the back country right out of the box, although some will want to add a good, heavy duty winch for when you are stuck.  But if you are a Ranger, you can always just radio dispatch!