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New Plan Coming for Red Rock

This upcoming November 2008 will likely see the first formal public meetings by the California Department of Parks and Recreation on their Red Rock Canyon State Park General Plan Revision. 

For well over a year, has been hearing from officials that Red Rock Canyon State Park would be preparing a new General Plan.  Earlier this year, the well-entrenched environmental consulting firm EDAW received the contract to conduct the planning process, and they have made significant administrative progress.

The last planning process undertaken by Red Rock Canyon State Park was brief and unsuccessful, abandoned in 2003, and it only covered the newly acquired areas referred to as the Last Chance Canyon Addition. Click here for a map of the last preferred alternative.  Some of you will recall how the public stood to lose access to significant recreation opportunities under that proposal.

Park officials have already publicly affirmed that this process will be different than before.  First, it will seek to revise the General Plan for the entire State Park – both sides of Highway 14.  Second, the process is determined to arrive at a successful conclusion, no matter what the public throws at it.

Stay tuned here for additional details on the process.