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Death Valley Now in Bloom

Visitors to Death Valley are being especially rewarded during their March visit this year. Now in mid-month, the abundant fields of radiant Desert Gold flowers north of Furnace Creek have past their peak. However, the show spreading to other parts of the park ,such as along Highway 190 near the east entrance of Death Valley National Park. Higher elevations will see fine blooms into late Spring, but now is still the time to see the easiest-to-reach and best roadside shows.

Wildflower experts at Death Valley National Park caution us not to expect a spectacular recurrence of the flower seasons following the 1998 and 2005 El Niño winters. Nonetheless, we think this is the best flower season in at least the past few years, and we encourage you to get way for the weekend and come to Death Valley for a remarkable and colorful experience.

Death Valley National Park periodically updates a flower report on their web site: