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Late Rains Boost Hopes for Spring Flowers

This week's heavy rains brought hope among flower seekers that Death Valley might find a good bloom this Spring.  Up to two inches of rain was reported in and around Death Valley National Park early this week which "has greatly increased our prospects for spring wildflowers," writes Park Ranger and Naturalist Charlie Callagan in his most recent wildflower report .

In his report Ranger Callagan cautions readers not to expect the banner displays of 1998 and 2005, but he is optimistic that the upcoming bloom will "still be worth a viewing."
Every spring ready visitors from around the world monitor the prospects for a big bloom and regularly email us at requesting updates.  What we find most interesting about the blooms is that they can often be found as late as July in the upper elevations of Death Valley.
But even now, flowers are already poking out.  Callagan notes that "Desert Gold, Brown-eyed Evening Primrose and Sand Verbena have already been observed blooming along park roadsides in the southern and northern ends of the park."