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Still Time to Comment on DVNP Wilderness Plan

In May of this year the National Park Service (NPS) announced it was initiating a Wilderness Stewardship Plan for the Congressionally designated wilderness areas within Death Valley National Park (DVNP).  The first public input opportunity on the plan will conclude on June 30, 2009.

There are 3.1 million acres of designated wilderness within Death Valley National Park, comprising 93% of the Park.  This planning process only applies to these designated wilderness units and, according a DVNP press release, "does not includes non-wilderness backcountry concerns, such as: backcountry road corridors and campsites, backcountry cabins near roads, Saline Valley hot springs, private inholdings or other non-NPS lands, and developed campgrounds."

Although among only a fraction of DVNP visitors, those who spend time in the backcountry wilderness should see this as a good opportunity to be heard on your concerns about the management of Park's wilderness units.

Click here to see the Request for Public Input on the NPS website.