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A Death Valley Cold Spell

Snow falls in the upper elevations of Death Valley National Park, and overnight temperatures dip to below freezing... below sea level!  Brrrr!!!  Just prior to Christmas our visit to Jackass Flat was highlighted by a couple of inches of newly fallen snow -- enough to raise the excitement level, but not enough to cause us any trouble!  Although this is within the upper elevations of Death Valley National Park, even the lower elevations were seeing near record low temperatures.

January 2007 temperatures during the day are generally in the 50's during the day around the Death Valley floor. Furnace Creek reported a day time high of only 50°F on January 14th, which is great for hiking the lower elevations. But the evenings are something totally different, as the overnight low at Scotty's Castle was just 18°F!  Overnight temperatures at Furnace Creek have been near record lows.  You may even be met by snow or ice in the upper elevations.  So if you are planning a camping trip to Death Valley over the holidays, be sure to bundle up! recommends that you check the Morning Report produced by Death Valley National Park for the most up to date weather and road conditions in the Death Valley area.