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Snow on the Sand Dunes

Stove Pipe Wells, February 1979 
by Roger L. Haas, Porter Corners, NY 

     Roger reported to us via our Guestbook that he had a photo from February of 1979 showing snowfall on the Sand Dunes of Death Valley, at Stove Pipe Wells. We asked if he would grant us permission to show it to our visitors, and here it is!

     Roger describes this remarkable event:

"As I remember it, that February day was very quiet at Stove Pipe Wells. The hotel was almost empty and what few tourists that were about were up at Scotty's or at Furnace Creek. It started to snow about 9am and continued for about an hour. The dunes were completely covered. I took the picture at about 11:30 and much of the snow had melted. Most of the other employees of Stove Pipe Wells were unaware of the snow and never saw the dunes, much less take a picture of them."