Re: ham radio in Death Valley

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Posted by Thom on February 20, 2002 at 21:03:02:

In Reply to: Re: ham radio in Death Valley posted by SteveS on February 20, 2002 at 11:38:02:

I have an issue of QST that was given to me. Rodgers has a forest of antennae and vaults up there. The QST is dated August 1997, and these guys were contesting up on Rodgers for a 1996 VHF/UHF event. They drove right up to the top. There were affliated with the LA County Sheriff and DCS/RACES, so that may have got their foot in the door for access.

Why the NPs wouldn't allow a puny FM repeater up there, I don't know. Something about pristine wilderness of the existing radio facility.

As a note, they contacted some guy on 220 who was 150 miles away, and he was using an HT (they had only a vertical antenna)

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