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Posted by Dezdan on May 18, 2002 at 05:22:41:

In Reply to: Re: call to action posted by NoKarma4U on May 18, 2002 at 03:14:09:

Oh I got it now! I do encourage all of you to write head officials in office. It has been awhile (a month) since I last wrote some officials about flaws in the NECO plan, and I still haven't heard anything back from any one I wrote (Mr. Crowe, Ms. Norton, Mr. Salt, Mr. Pool, & Ms. Wooldridge) but I will not let that stop me and I will continue to write. Someone out there has to read my letters, and hopefully we the people of the United States can show by our power in numbers (of letters that is) that we will not longer stand for OUR land to be taken away from US. Please write someone, it does make a difference!


Some things you can do/write:

In 7 days over 5400 people have signed this petition which will be sent to Boxer, add you name to it!

Write or call [(909) 697-5206] Tim Salt BLM District Manager

Write or call [(909) 697-5204] Bruce Shaffer BLM Associate District  Manager

Write or call [(760) 786-3243] J.T. Reynolds Superintendent DVNP

Each time you or your OHV club goes out, fill out a land use form.

Call both your Senators at (800) 522-6721 [capitol switchboard] any tell them how you feel.

Write or call [(916) 978-4600] Mike Pool California State Director

Write or call [(916) 978-4600] Jim Abbott  California Associate State Director (yes same # and email as Mike)

Write or call [(916) 978-4611] Tony Staed Deputy State Director

Write Gale A. Norton Secretary of the Interior

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