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Death Valley has hundreds of miles of backcountry dirt roads and 4x4 trails to explore and enjoy. Here you'll find descriptions, maps and trail reports to consult in planning your trip.


(12 miles from West Side Road)

Climbing up the eastern flank of the Panamint Mountains, this road leads to a spring and old mining area at the forks of the canyon. Although some old maps show the road connecting with the Aguereberry Point road, that section was officially closed to vehicle traffic after a wash-out made it impassable. No Camping First 2 Miles.

Difficulty Rating: 2

(2.5 miles to Telephone Canyon fork, 10 miles to Tucki Mine)

The road begins 1.7 miles up Wildrose Road from Emigrant Junction. At the mouth of Emigrant Canyon the road can be seen climbing up the bank on the other side. After crossing the slope to Telephone Canyon and climbing up it, the canyon forks. The old road up the right fork has been closed to vehicle traffic, but a short walk up it will bring you to a natural arch and an old mill site. The road continues up the left fork to the Tucki mine. No Camping First 2 Miles.

Difficulty Rating: 2

(21 miles)

Heading west off of the West Side Road, this road follows Warm Springs Canyon past several talc mines before leading into scenic Butte Valley, at an elevation of 4500 feet. (4X4 required beyond mines) A rough road leads out of the park over Mengle Pass and into Panamint Valley to the west via Goler Wash. No Camping First 2 Miles. The western end of Goler Wash used to be very rough (click to see Quicktime Movie), but it was graded recently and is much improved.

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